Freelance Front End Developer and Designer - For Hire

I'm Omar Mirza, a freelance front end web developer and designer living in barkingside, Essex, UK. I have 11 years of experience covering front end development and design for a number of clients. I like to use my own initiative, experience and resources to deliver top class w3c valid cross browser compatible websites.


I'm a dedicated advocate of clean, accessible design and have a sharp attention to detail. I believe I can fit in to any working environment and I'm comfortable working on my own or within a team. I am a pro active hard working individual and work well under pressure. I am a diligent internet researcher and spend much time reading online web development forums such as stack overflow, and other php dedicated forums.


Is your website out-of-date, broken, not user-friendly, or sending the wrong message?. I will craft a site that gets it right - from the technical side, to the front-end user experience.

My main strengths lie within front end web development such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Adobe Photoshop. For a thorough breakdown of my strengths as a front end web developer please see my skills.

Download my CV

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Salary Expectation

I'm available for contract roles at a daily rate of £450. Location wise I will consider anywhere within London - ideally nearby to liverpool street or central london.


I am available to take on a new contract role on 30/04/18 and I'm available for interviews in the meantime. Full professional and personal references will be made available upon request.