About Me

Creative Developments aka Omar Mirza is a freelance front end web developer located in Barkingside, London. My aim is to design and develop amazing websites that my clients and I both love.

I've been coding websites for almost 11 years now and I have never looked back! My speciality is to produce usable and engaging websites. It's my background and my mission and I'm quite good at it if I say so myself.

What I do

I possess a range of skills as a front end web developer and I can offer my services to work on small static sites to large scale content managed web sites. For more information please see what services I provide.

I cater to existing companies and startups, companies that don't yet have websites and those that do, entrepreneurs and individuals. Get in touch if you're after a quote or if you have any questions regarding my work and I'll get back to you as fast as possible.

Why I do it

I've always been very passionate towards both web design and web development and take a lot of pride in my work. I believe websites should be universally accessible from any browser, on any platform, anywhere. That basic philosophy is what drives me and my website creations.

Who AM I